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Monday, September 12, 2011


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Emily, thanks for writing this. I love Cassandra Barney's work and Jeff Decker is married to a friend's sister. I love both of these little spotlights. Now it's time to make yours!!


thanks for sharing!


i love this post! i was a fellow vendor at spark and i recently started a new blog...i talked to rhonna at spark about how much to share on the blog about being a mormon...did she get criticism because she talks about it on her blog? that sort of thing. she asked me if i had watched conference and i had and she asked me if i remembered what we were taught...there was so much i wasn't sure what she was talking about ;D...she said that we are supposed to stand up and shout it. it helped me make up my mind right there and then that was what i was going to do. so, my first week, tomorrow i will be posting one of my all-time favorite talks from pres. uchtdorf about creating and women.
thank you for being someone else that shows me it's good to just do it!!;D
i love your work btw and will be purchasing one soon.

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